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Additional Services


Members will have access to on-demand Dermatology from the comfort of your home. Treatment for suspicious spots, rashes, cold sores, and fungal infections from board-certified dermatologists deliver reliable care for thousands of skin, hair, and nail conditions and more

Psychologist & Psychiatrist services

Virtual Psychologist: Speak with a licensed Psychologist for one-to-one session(s) to assess your symptoms and evaluate your medical, psychological, and family history to determine a productive treatment plan.

* Depression

* Life Changes

* Addiction

* Grief and Loss

* Stress Management

* Relationship

*Additional Fee

Virtual Psychiatrist: Connect with a U.S. based, board-certified Psychiatrist who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for a range of mental health disorders, as necessary.

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Panic Disorders

• Bipolar Disorder

•Trauma & PTSD

• Addictive Behaviors

*Additional Fee


You have the ability to ask any medical question to our expert team of board-certified physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, pediatricians, fitness trainers and more. Physician responses are normally received within 2-4 hours and guaranteed within 24 hours.


If needed, our physicians can schedule you an appointment with a lab to run various tests to include ex rays, blood and urine samples and more. Our physicians will then discuss the results with you.

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